How To Get Your Garden Prepared For Spring Parties

Garden Area

So it’s finally Spring and the sunshine is slowly creeping from behind the clouds! It’s that time of year for garden birthday parties and early evening BBQs. But don’t fear, you don’t have to have a huge budget to get your backyard ready for spring parties, here are a few low cost but brilliant ways to spruce it up.

Fertilize & Clean

Flower beds and grassy lawns are what your party guests initially notice, so check these first and give them any attention required. Remove winter leaves, fallen branches and weeds use fertilizer to give the lawn a good fighting start to thrive and flourish. Cut back and tidy hedges and plants by pruning.

Fresh Green Grass
Green Grass

Add Colour

For a quick garden refresher, plant brightly-coloured flowers. Beautiful red, pink and yellow blooms are ideal for spring and draw attention away from the messier unsightly areas. Low-maintenance flowers are perfect for easy upkeep. Another brilliant option is to include garden accessories such bright garden pots and outdoor furniture such a bean bags and throws.

Red Flowers
Red Tulips


Create a Theme

If it’s an evening of sundown drinks then create a cocktail and nibbles station. Pretty glasses and crockery, matching napkins and colourful tablecloths are perfect for sunny afternoon teas. If the evenings are still chilly, prepare a fire pit or purchase an outdoor heater to keep everyone toasty.

Summer Cocktails
Group Cocktails

Mood Lighting

For a day time event, provide shelter from the sun with pretty parasols and hanging drapes. Afternoon to evening parties are a perfect occasion to hang paper lanterns or quaint fairy lights.

A String Of Garden Lanterns
String of lanterns

So there you have it, some lovely ways to bring the garden back to life after the cold winter. Remember you don’t have to spend a fortune to create brilliant results that your guests will love. We would love to hear some of your ideas and tips for reviving your back garden this season.

Affordable Home Improvement Solutions

Decorated Living Room

These simple ventures of decorating, surfacing and painting cost very little but have great results. They make beautiful upgrades to bathrooms, living rooms, the entryway and other areas of your home.


Bathroom mini makeover—£280

If you have been browsing homeware catalogues and ogling at friend’s new bathrooms, jealous of their natural stone surfaces. Then why not try a new granite bathroom top, a perfect cost effective way to get this lovely look. Nowadays you can pick up granite tops at home centres from £120 depending on the size and spec. Complete this budget bathroom transformation with a new tap and sparkling mirror and you will still spend way under £300.

Simply remove the old fittings and repair the walls if necessary, give everything a good lick of paint and replace any old pulls with fresh new ones.

Time: Two Days

A Updated Bathroom
A Bathroom

Wallpaper just one wall—£160

Many people used to think that wallpaper is old fashioned, imagining unflattering colours and patterns. But in recent years, wallpaper design has become much more sophisticated and up-to-date. With the revitalised approval of wallpaper, home stores are selling huge ranges or designs and colours. Its new popularity however has led to large increase in price. But do not fear…You don’t have to cover every wall to make a dramatic difference to a room. Single wall papering is hugely fashionable and not only this, but it saves time, effort and mess. This is a brilliant answer for sprucing up a room with plain walls, and creates immediate character.

Take a simple photo of the room and measure its dimensions then bring these to the interior design store and choose your perfect paper. Before you start, ensure to prep the wall by filling cracks and levelling your wall.

Time: 3 Days (Dependent on Wall Size)

A Wallpapered Wall
A Wallpapered Bedroom Wall

Improve Front Entry

Tired of walking towards your home and being disappointed by its tatty and worn-out appearance? You can easily and painlessly transform it with just a few tiny steps.

Start things off with paint – Refresh your trim and siding and a look at your front door. On entering someone’s path way, the front door is the primary feature, we recommend painting it a bold colour, so it looks strong and clean. You can then purchase new additions, like a house number, post-box and LED lights. Next step is to upgrade the approach to the front door. If you have a simple path or driveway you can choose to pop in an easy border of bricks to smarten and tidy the area.

Time: 5 Days

Green Painted Front Door
A Painted Front Door

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Home Improvement

front room in someone house

Lets face it, who doesn’t want an improved home, we plot and plan but it seems to take forever getting around to any of it. For the most part we get very comfortable, slightly lazy and with everything else going on in day to day living we can often give up all together. However, there are reasons that you should consider home improvement that may offer you the motivation you have desperately searching for.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Home Improvement.

You can sell your home for more

I mean for the most part this is pretty obvious, however, if you plan it correctly and budget diligently, you can actually make a pretty hefty profit on your home. You may have to ask your self if this is the way to go for you, but imagine the new home you will be able to afford, perhaps your dream home.

room with pool table
Your new pad

Rent it out and travel

You could turn your home into the most desired spot in the land. Naturally this means you could rent it out for a larger monthly price and have it pay itself off, pay back the price of the developments and still have some left over for yourself. I say travel because i have seen thousands of people travel the world through the profit of renting their home.

couple on the mountains
travelling the world

Let it out for extra cash

If you are living in an area which has a good tourist season you can always let your home out whilst on holiday abroad or even within the country. By improving your home, naturally you can let it out for more. Who knows, the cost to let out your home may very well pay for your trip overseas. Imagine free holidays forever, not bad ey!

couple in back of car
taking holidays, for free

Perhaps, these results of home improvement may motivate you to get the job done. Either way, it has to be right for you but also I can guarantee you that just getting it sorted will be a massive weight off your chest!

Benefits of Working Abroad With Your Trade

We have noticed that many individuals with the respected trades around home improvements are taking their skills abroad on working holidays. We wandered what benefits there may be to this and discovered why so many of those who do go abroad on a working holidays, head to the UK. This is because of UK PAYE Tax Refunds! But what is it and what are the real benefits?

PAYE Tax Refunds

This is a process whereby an individual can receive back what they have overpaid in tax. Throughout the tax year if we go over the threshold we are then illegible to receive a refund at the end of our stay. This ultimately makes PAYE Tax Refunds a miniature savings account without the feeling that you are saving.

Those With a Trade

Individuals with a trade around home improvements  have an added advantage when working in the UK. This is because construction work is at a very high point and there is plenty of room for those with the applicable skill set.

This is also a fantastic way to gain further experience for your future career. This is because there will undoubtedly be differences in the way tasks are carried out, which will expand your current skill set into a far more diverse tradesmen.

On top of this, perhaps the best benefit of them all, is the fact that you are saving money whilst you work through the form of tax. This will give you the ability use the refund as a means to finance a trip to your next destination, seemingly without even having to save.

Overall, we absolutely love the home improvement trades and love to see so many people gaining experiences in different countries, expanding their skills and receiving a fair reimbursement for their hard work. Now get out there and see the world whilst doing what you do best! 

The Importance of Private Waste Management Companies

Been considering waste management? I do believe it would be fair to assume that many of us think about the implications of poor waste management, equally it is likely that most of those who do ponder, rarely do much about it personally. With so much going on in our lives it is easy to put it on the back burner, which is understandable, however, there are waste management companies which are just waiting for us to do the right thing. Waste Management Companies in South Africa like Averda have been pushing this agenda to clean up the world as we know it.

But what really is the importance of waste management?

Waste collection and rubbish disposal play an important role in cleanliness globally. With people’s health and the conservation of resources being the responsibility of every government, it is also fundamental for sustainability. To take the pressure off of government agencies, numerous privately-owned organisations perhaps play a large part in these waste management and recycling programs. In many cities and indeed countries, it then means that local government agencies are left with the responsibility of overseeing the work done by these privately held organisations, however, it would seem that it is the privately-owned companies that shall save us.

Truth of the matter!

The government are limited to funding and private companies are only limited to the rate of expansion. However, the more we trust in the private and in hand the government also offering their trust, private businesses naturally grow through profit and the more the company grows, the more resources to keep on top of waste management and, the more working opportunities available to the public.

In short, it would be conclusive that if everyone takes consideration over their waste disposal, whether it is your home or a construction site and pretty much any environment which produces waste, then, not only do we take care of the world, we create new working opportunities. I do believe that this is known as a WIN WIN situation.








Kids, Music and the Household

So many parents adopt a method of tasking their children with chores around the house to help teach them the faculties of responsibility. Most adults today would, if asked, be able to detail memories of earning pocket money by doing various tasks around the house hold and we also believe this is a great way to keep on top of things around the house also. Because so many participate in this form of teaching, it is little wander the companies such as Snuggly Rascals have been selling their ultra-comfortable and super soft Headphones by the thousands. But how does listening to music help us work around the house.



Listening to music can put us into a state of focus and it is vastly common to see kids singing along whilst and enjoying the household chores. This actually aid kids in understanding that focusing on a task helps them to get the task at hand completed faster and more effectively.


Listening to music can create a fun and enjoyable atmosphere whilst working around the house. If you like to teach your kids the art of responsibility by doing house hold chores, what better way than to show them that it can in fact be a blast. Ultimately this also shows kids that the things you find fun are the things you will do with great accomplishment and so it works to make every task as fun as possible.

Singing out Loud

As obvious as this may sound but listening to music whilst doing tasks enables kids to sing to the top of the voices. What may not be recognised amongst adults, is that this in fact helps to burn all of that energy they have stored up and therefore, makes house hold chores a great way for kids to start to wind down once they have finished.

Ultimately music Through Snuggly Rascals headphones can make most activates fun and enjoyable but we believe there is a great opportunity that is created my companies like Snuggly Rascals to show kids the art of responsibility whilst making it exciting.

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Moving Forward With Fibre Optics

There are not many businesses that can say they are untouched by the advances of technology and it has become a theme, where a business must go with the stream or be left behind. Expanding beyond what is now recognised as old technology is the creation of Fibre Optics and Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers,  and now industries such as, Home Improvements are turning towards the advantages of this technology to ensure a level effectiveness regarding the way in which they network and remain online. This is why so many companies that exist in Home Improvements turn toward the high tech products that ProLabs has to offer. As it has now become a case of go with or be left behind.


Uses for Fibre Optics

How many practical applications can there be by streaming light down a plastic pipe? Well, just as electricity can power machinery, beams of light power and carry sources of information. People within society rarely notice how common fibre-optic cables have become, which is mostly due to the laser-powered signals they carry are actually flickering beneath our feet. The industries that are now using this technology is now countless and is still expanding, but how does it help with businesses such as Home Improvements.


Computer networks

Fibre Optic cables are now the most common and effective way of carrying information over long distances. This is because they have three huge advantages over old copper cables:

Less attenuation (signal loss):
 Information travels 10 times further until it needs amplifying—which makes fibre networks simpler and cheaper to operate and maintain.

No interference:
Fortunately, unlike with copper cables, fibre optics does not have any “crosstalk” (electromagnetic interference) between fibres, so they transmit information more reliably with better signal quality and carry information more efficiently.

Higher bandwidth:
Fibre-optic cables carry far more data than copper cables of the same diameter meaning that all data is being transferred without interruption but with higher quantity.


What Does This Mean For My Business?

We often want to see the changes with our own eyes to be sure we have made the correct decision. However, with fibre optics, the changes that you will be sure to see is the transformation of communication and network. This means, the most likely change of them all, is consistency and a new found efficiency. By using Fibre Optics Optical Transceivers, communicating around the world is now easier, more reliable and furthermore, whilst you are transferring data, it will be without disruption. As a result, Fibre Optics is not only more effective, more efficient, it is also incredibly cheaper to maintain.


More individuals are realising that it is what goes on behind there scenes that help their businesses only in this case, it is what goes on beneath the ground. This is why people have been seeking out companies like ProLabs to ensure all of their systems will function without default.

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5 Reasons why a Healthy Home Means a Healthy Mind

After years of experience with Mental health training within a workplace, Clearfocus professionals have noticed that it is commonly stated “that you are what you eat”. The results of unhealthy eating is subjective to our mind and body, and therefore the evidence is as clear as the mood of the person who looks back at you in the mirror.

However, something that is consistently forgotten, or rather, much less mentioned, is the effects that the condition of our homes have on our mental health and well-being. And yet, the same can be said; a messy home is a solid indicator of a messy mind.  

Here are 5 Reasons why a Healthy Home Means a Healthy Mind

  1.   Clear of Clutter

The clutter that is left sitting in your house is also symbolic of what is sat there in your mind. By simply clearing the mess that may currently exist inside of your home will result in a sensation of clarity. It’s easier to think when you are not surrounded by house chores.

  1.   Weight of Procrastination

As we become ever more frustrated with a growing “to do list” within our homes, the more we tend to procrastinate. As we yield our obligations, they multiply by default, and thus, create further tendencies for us to avoid the inevitable. Consequently this cycle will begin to function as stress and will become weight on our shoulders. We can try to avoid the “to do list” but ultimately it must continue to carry it. By doing what needs to be done, you then put the weight down.

  1.   Sense of Reward

By failing to take care of our homes we feel a sense of shame and self-catered guilt. We then create a reality that expresses this belief and continue to act in a way that parallels how we feel. By shifting this belief and acting against the sensation of shame, by simply getting things done, we then transcend to a sensation of reward and therefore transfer our belief system and see something more positive of ourselves. Naturally we favour feeling great over feeling shame and in this circumstance are then likely to continue positive behaviour  

  1.   Mind, Body and Your Home

As was previously discussed, the way you feel internally will reflect the condition of your surroundings. The most immediate evidence to this is of course your home. It is then, possible to reflect the external environment into your internal feelings by creating your own paradise out of your home. Such a simple discipline will likely result in other positive habits, such as looking after your body, creating an overall healthier lifestyle.  

  1.   Meditation

As expressed by Zen enthusiasts, simple chores that are required to maintain a home can also be used as a meditation technique. By acting and focusing on your tasks, you then block out unwanted emotions by remaining in the present moment; Making it extremely productive and an effective stress reliever.

Mental Health is a lingering concern within society and perhaps we are apt to miss out the small changes that can be made in a person’s life which can create a greater sense of well-being. Although Clearfocus are experts Mental Health training in the workplace, their professional experience has also transferred similar knowledge to the home environment also

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Good Solid Advice About Reputation Management That Anyone Can Use


When it succeeds or fails, the standing of an business can be determined. Many people in running a business understand how to manage their image, which is the reason they are doing very well,. Which is the main thing to remember. This article has the information you should ensure do you know what you’re against.

One good way to enhance the reputation of your company is by asking customers who are pleased with your goods and services to publish positive reviews on your blog or website. Take Slash Me Silly‘s Facebook Page for example. You can even make them say something nice relating to your company on sites like Linkedln, Google Places or Yelp.

Have a portfolio of websites you are able to optimize with search engines like yahoo. It would seem natural to try and make your small business website the top search listing for your personal company name, when used as being a search query. Will not stop there, however. Try to have ten of your business webpages end up being the top 10 google search results to your brand name. Block all others out.

Monitor your online presence. You can’t make sure when a negative review can turn up from someone that doesn’t just like you, your small business, or perhaps is just an unsatisfied customer. If you monitor search engine results, you can make certain that negative feedback won’t be up high within the results. Do that 1-2 times a month at a minimum.

To maintain a good reputation, you must learn when you ought to respond. If a negative article on your company pops up, you must understand what you can do. Try responding privately and publicly to it in the event the complaint is legitimate. Try offering solutions similar to a refund. Try to avoid becoming angry or calling the review fake since it can make you look bad.

Watch whatever you say. This applies to both offline and online interactions. Avoid having any discussions about illegal activity or making derogatory comments. You also want to avoid having your and yourself business associated with images which can be explicit or inappropriate. Also, stay away from doing or saying anything negative that can be over a news station. Potential investors and customers may see these items as red flags.

Search into reputation management services. These services do cost a little bit of money, nevertheless they may help you start a reputation, repair a reputation, or have a reputation. These are generally professionals. They are able to watch online activity for you, plus they may help you both avoid and fight a poor reputation.

Personalize all of your responses. Avoid using templates for the responses. If you are speaking to your customer one on one, instead, personally write each response as. If you are using templates and will feel as should you not cherish their opinions or business, your customer knows.

Get involved with your community. One of the best approaches to bolster your company’s reputation is usually to do charitable deeds in your neighborhood.  Slash me Silly is doing this wilth great success by offering Acreage Mowing Byron Bay services to community organisations and running low cost deals for the elderly. You may receive good publicity and also will let you a chance to talk with a lot of people that you otherwise would never get to speak with, by finding the time to present back to your community.

If you have a business, it is very important that you just create a process to take care of reviews that are negative. Always respond to negative reviews quickly and effectively otherwise, your silence can come across as indifference. Also, it is just as essential to acknowledge any positive reviews with appreciation and reinforcement.

When folks offer you negative reviews, you should try your greatest to handle them without admitting any fault. As soon as you admit responsibility for things, you can expect to look incompetent within the eyes of your own customers. It is best to apologize for their dissatisfaction, instead of for just about any incident particularly.

Consider acquiring more linked to your community doing volunteer work in order to enhance the reputation of your enterprise. Consumers like businesses that take social responsibility seriously. You are putting a positive spin on your own company’s reputation, and customers will see that, by donating your time or money to the neighborhood.

Be careful of the you and your employees say online. Anything said onTwitter and Facebook, or anywhere online can stay online forever. Make sure that your company has a social media policy in position. The voice of the employees may represent your company, which can be good or bad. Therefore, in line with the established social networking policy it is important they act.

Ensure that your personal social network pages are completely private to everyone except your pals. Even if this may seem like you happen to be being irrationally mysterious, the result will likely be negative people having a smaller amount of your data to perform with. Business pages should always be open to everyone that wants to take a look.

Without the proper reputation management understanding, your business’s success may be elusive. Not grasping how to build impact and goodwill perception can be a true problem for virtually any business. If required, and abide by it to aid your organization be successful, read through this advice again.

Useful Information When You Really Need Your Own Home Carpeting Cleaned


Ask most people what their least favorite house cleaning job is and chances are they may say “upholstery cleaning.” This is a tough job, so why not make life easier on yourself and engage a great rug cleaning company? The following article contains great advice on finding the best company for your requirements.

Add baking soda for your bag if you wish to combat the odors when you are cleaning. Baking soda will help you to neutralize a few of the smells that you receive within your bag including pet hair and old food. This will help to feel more comfortable and sanitary if you want to dispose the bag.

Ensure that they have a solid reputation, prior to hiring a firm to clean up your carpets. Ensure that the company has references and people who is able to back them up. An excellent carpet cleaner will have interior a, designers and realtors handful of other sources that can create a recommendation.

Should they have special chemicals for your personal high traffic areas, ask any business that you contact about rug cleaning. In many instances your carpet will likely be quite clean in just about every area apart from these, so you will likely only require the powerful stuff to use here. Once they do not have this kind of service you should think of using a different company.

Check your carpet warranty prior to getting your carpets cleaned. If a different stain therapy is applied to them, the warranty on carpets that have an existing stain treatment applied can be voided. This may result in a major expense sooner or later, and the chemicals utilized in the two treatments will not be compatible.

As soon as they are performed cleaning, ask the contractor when they can recommend any methods for carpet care. You desire to make certain that you may not cancel out any work they have just done. This may make your carpet looking good for any considerably longer time.

Take time to vacuum each area of the house. The better time that is allocated to a place, the better that dirt could get taken off it. This may spare your carpet needless stains and offer it longer life. A modest amount of time cleaning can yield great results.

Ask the cleaning company, whether their employees undergo routine training. Good businesses can have procedures in position to ensure their technicians continue having the education they must excel at this business. That ought to be an enormous warning sign to you personally when a company can’t or won’t answer this query.

When having your carpets cleaned, empty the premises of plant life. You must take this precaution ever since the cleaning chemicals may harm the plants. Many carpet cleaners are certainly not very likely to reimburse you for that particular loss, so pro-activity is vital.

It is very important determine whether any organization you would like to hire is both certified and licensed to wash carpets. Because they own the gear doesn’t mean they know how to use it properly! Only hire firms that contain the best accreditation to guarantee you’re safe from future problems.

Inquire if the carpet cleaning company hires its very own employees, There are lots of firms that subcontract to others, meaning they are certainly not in command of checking the background of their workers. You may not want anyone at your residence which includes not successfully passed a criminal history check.

After completing your cleaning session, switch on the humidifier in the room. This will help to suck out of the excess moisture from the carpet, allowing it to dry faster. Also, it is possible to start up the air conditioning unit should it be a hot summer day to achieve the same effect.

What sort of upholstery cleaning machines are used through the company? There are numerous carpet cleaners and you want to make sure that anything being used on the carpet is top notch and will not hurt your carpeting. Ask the company’s representative regarding the machines they utilize.

Make sure you go with a carpet business who uses CRI-certified products. The products are probably the highest-quality carpet cleaners which can be available on the market. CRI-certified merchandise is Seal of Approval providers. Because of this they are certified to clean up carpets very effectively without causing any harm to them.

Be sure the equipment of the company you’re checking out hiring is using CRI-certified equipment. This is regarded as the “seal of approval” for upholstery cleaning businesses. You don’t would like to pay good money for a person into the future in and provide your carpets a under stellar cleaning. You want your carpets deep-cleaned.

Nobody loves to clean carpets, with the exception of the pros that do it best! Make sure you position the advice on this article to work for you and locate a fantastic company that can make your property look beautiful. Clean carpets would be the foundation to get a super-spiffed nobody and home would it just like the pros!