5 Reasons why a Healthy Home Means a Healthy Mind

After years of experience with Mental health training within a workplace, Clearfocus professionals have noticed that it is commonly stated “that you are what you eat”. The results of unhealthy eating is subjective to our mind and body, and therefore the evidence is as clear as the mood of the person who looks back at you in the mirror.

However, something that is consistently forgotten, or rather, much less mentioned, is the effects that the condition of our homes have on our mental health and well-being. And yet, the same can be said; a messy home is a solid indicator of a messy mind.  

Here are 5 Reasons why a Healthy Home Means a Healthy Mind

  1.   Clear of Clutter

The clutter that is left sitting in your house is also symbolic of what is sat there in your mind. By simply clearing the mess that may currently exist inside of your home will result in a sensation of clarity. It’s easier to think when you are not surrounded by house chores.

  1.   Weight of Procrastination

As we become ever more frustrated with a growing “to do list” within our homes, the more we tend to procrastinate. As we yield our obligations, they multiply by default, and thus, create further tendencies for us to avoid the inevitable. Consequently this cycle will begin to function as stress and will become weight on our shoulders. We can try to avoid the “to do list” but ultimately it must continue to carry it. By doing what needs to be done, you then put the weight down.

  1.   Sense of Reward

By failing to take care of our homes we feel a sense of shame and self-catered guilt. We then create a reality that expresses this belief and continue to act in a way that parallels how we feel. By shifting this belief and acting against the sensation of shame, by simply getting things done, we then transcend to a sensation of reward and therefore transfer our belief system and see something more positive of ourselves. Naturally we favour feeling great over feeling shame and in this circumstance are then likely to continue positive behaviour  

  1.   Mind, Body and Your Home

As was previously discussed, the way you feel internally will reflect the condition of your surroundings. The most immediate evidence to this is of course your home. It is then, possible to reflect the external environment into your internal feelings by creating your own paradise out of your home. Such a simple discipline will likely result in other positive habits, such as looking after your body, creating an overall healthier lifestyle.  

  1.   Meditation

As expressed by Zen enthusiasts, simple chores that are required to maintain a home can also be used as a meditation technique. By acting and focusing on your tasks, you then block out unwanted emotions by remaining in the present moment; Making it extremely productive and an effective stress reliever.

Mental Health is a lingering concern within society and perhaps we are apt to miss out the small changes that can be made in a person’s life which can create a greater sense of well-being. Although Clearfocus are experts Mental Health training in the workplace, their professional experience has also transferred similar knowledge to the home environment also