Affordable Home Improvement Solutions

Affordable Home Improvement Solutions

These simple ventures of decorating, surfacing and painting cost very little but have great results. They make beautiful upgrades to bathrooms, living rooms, the entryway and other areas of your home.


Bathroom mini makeover—£280

If you have been browsing homeware catalogues and ogling at friend’s new bathrooms, jealous of their natural stone surfaces. Then why not try a new granite bathroom top, a perfect cost effective way to get this lovely look. Nowadays you can pick up granite tops at home centres from £120 depending on the size and spec. Complete this budget bathroom transformation with a new tap and sparkling mirror and you will still spend way under £300.

Simply remove the old fittings and repair the walls if necessary, give everything a good lick of paint and replace any old pulls with fresh new ones.

Time: Two Days

A Updated Bathroom
A Bathroom

Wallpaper just one wall—£160

Many people used to think that wallpaper is old fashioned, imagining unflattering colours and patterns. But in recent years, wallpaper design has become much more sophisticated and up-to-date. With the revitalised approval of wallpaper, home stores are selling huge ranges or designs and colours. Its new popularity however has led to large increase in price. But do not fear…You don’t have to cover every wall to make a dramatic difference to a room. Single wall papering is hugely fashionable and not only this, but it saves time, effort and mess. This is a brilliant answer for sprucing up a room with plain walls, and creates immediate character.

Take a simple photo of the room and measure its dimensions then bring these to the interior design store and choose your perfect paper. Before you start, ensure to prep the wall by filling cracks and levelling your wall.

Time: 3 Days (Dependent on Wall Size)

A Wallpapered Wall
A Wallpapered Bedroom Wall

Improve Front Entry

Tired of walking towards your home and being disappointed by its tatty and worn-out appearance? You can easily and painlessly transform it with just a few tiny steps.

Start things off with paint – Refresh your trim and siding and a look at your front door. On entering someone’s path way, the front door is the primary feature, we recommend painting it a bold colour, so it looks strong and clean. You can then purchase new additions, like a house number, post-box and LED lights. Next step is to upgrade the approach to the front door. If you have a simple path or driveway you can choose to pop in an easy border of bricks to smarten and tidy the area.

Time: 5 Days

Green Painted Front Door
A Painted Front Door