Keeping Your Home Tidy is Great For Stress Relief

Keeping Your Home Tidy is Great For Stress Relief

So what classes as a tidy home? Well, the line is drawn subjectively, all the way up until you start to feel peeved by what you see. Keeping your home tidy is great for stress relief and here are some things to consider.

 Keeping Your Home Tidy is Great For Stress Relief

  1.  Clutter

The clutter that is hanging around in your house can also be representative of what is  your mind. quite simply, giving the house a clean is very much the same; you are clearing your mind of clutter. There has been research which looks into weather an un-tidy home causes stress or if it is the act of cleaning which helps to relinquish stress from an external source. Either way, the results are clear that it definitely helps.

books and mess
  1.    Procrastination

Procrastination is by far one of the heaviest weights we can rest on our own shoulders and whats worst is that it is a regenerating cycle. The longer we take to get something done, the bigger the job gets and unsurprisingly, the less and less we want to do it. Getting chores out of the way as soon as they arise is one of the best forms of ensuring nothing stressful in your household is resting on your shoulders.

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Procrastination is stressful
  1.   Reward

Believe it or not, running a tight schedule around your house maintenance is a great feeling and is actually likely to make you more proactive through out the day. Simply put, it gets you in the mood to get “stuff” done. Once its all done, the day is yours to do as you will and completely freely. This upholds a great sense of accomplishment and reward. Studies have even suggested that something as small as making your bed as soon as you get up will make you more productive throughout the day. Basically, when things get done, stress is then relieved.

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reward after getting everything done

Keep your home tidy and thus, keep your mind free of stress. It doesn’t get easier than that but don’t take our word for it, try it yourself!