Why I Got Cyber Security for My Home Improvement Business

Why I Got Cyber Security for My Home Improvement Business

Never in the realm of home improvement did I think that cyber security would have any kind of connection. The clue however is in the word cyber – online – digital and so on. So much crucial information is online these days and regardless of the business model, it is the information which cyber hackers are after. Information which, if placed in the wrong hands, will prove ridiculously pricey.

Why I Got Cyber Security

So Why Is Cyber Security So Important

In short it is important because it;s soul purpose is to protect your online database being breached and information being stolen. It however, the information of which is especially important as it could lead to personal details of your clients and that of your own. The effects are most usually a heavy financial blow. Equally trying to track down who was behind the breach can sometimes be nearly impossible and you may never actually get that money back. Further more if the information of your clients have been exposed, not only may they also experience a financial hit, they will also have the right to sue which will no doubt put you further out of pocket. Heading further down this rabbit hole you may also experience the integrity of your company being completely tarnished, maybe even to the point of no return.

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Here Is A Scary Fact

99% of computers are vulnerable to exploit kits

Oracle Java, Adobe Reader or Adobe Flash are present on 99% of computers. This means that 99% of computer users are vulnerable to exploit kits. The vulnerabilities that these types of software present are critical; all it takes is one click on an infected advertising banner to give a hacker full access to your computer. Adobe Flash has a huge number of vulnerabilities, so cyber criminals target it in the majority of their attacks.

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There Is an Easy Solution

Like with all things, the more we plonk our heads in the sand the higher our chances are of becoming a victim. The easy part is simply turning toward those who know what they are doing – the professionals. Companies like PGI specialise in cyber security and in the protection of important information. Both that of your own and your clients.

The fact that we are not safe from cyber crime until we have successfully implemented cyber security is an absolute no brainier – get it done and keep your business safe.

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